Autism Speaks is the Enemy! #Boycottautismspeaks

By: Cyndi

The message is below. Let’s make autistic voices heard, and by voices I mean any form of communication you use.
///DO NOT MAKE A VIDEO IF YOU ARE NOT AUTISTIC. Autistic people deal with non-autistic voices speaking over them enough, don’t add to it. You can help autistic voices be heard by sharing these videos. Thank you.\\\
I am an autistic person. I am speaking. Listen.

I am not a puzzle piece.
I am not an epidemic, a disease or a burden.
I am not broken.
I am not missing.
I am not something to exploit for money.
I don’t need to be cured because there’s nothing wrong with me.

Autism Speaks exploits and dehumanizes me for its own benefits.

Supporting Autism Speaks means supporting exploitation, dehumanization, murder and eugenics.

Seeing people and places “light it up blue” is a painful reminder that autistic people are not seen as equals, but as lesser. It shows me that I have to remove a vital part of me and cease to be who I am to be seen as human and equal to everybody else.

Yes, people can light it up blue for one day and say they contributed to “autism awareness”, but it doesn’t do a thing for autistic people like me who have to fight stigma and negative rhetoric day after day after day.

Does my voice really matter so little? Am I just a puzzle piece making noise? Is anyone listening to me, or am I being drowned out by blue light and cure campaigns?

I am autistic. I am speaking.

Autism is not the enemy.

Autism Speaks is the enemy.

*** Transcript of the onscreen text ***
Text set 1: It’s time for autistic voices to be heard. If you are autistic, post a v-log of yourself reading my message. The text is in the description. Title your video “Autism Speaks is the Enemy”.
Text set 2: I want to encourage nonverbal autistic people to participate as well using whatever means you use to communicate.
Text set 3: My hope is pairing faces with my words shows the world how autism needs acceptance and understanding instead of fear, hate and erasure.
Hashtags: #actuallyautistic #Walkinred #NAPP #boycottautismspeaks
*** End transcript ***

green/blue diagonal box with blue “unequal” sign and green text that reads Boycott Autism Speaks

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