Crusading Against ME #BoycottAutismSpeaks

by Elliott originally published on the Unpuzzled Project’s Tumblr

When the word ‘autism’ is dropped, I pay attention. For me, it’s personal. I have great friends who are autistic, and I am autistic as well. When someone starts a conversation about autism, it’s a chance for me to look into the way non-autistic people speak about autistic people. How do they view us? What do they think about our being on the spectrum? Are they educated about autism? Or do they use functioning labels to oppress us and discredit our voices and achievements?

There’s a lot to look for. I never like to hear the (unfortunately) common rhetoric that autism is a horrible disorder which renders autistic people barely human.

Read the entire post HERE

Crusadinf against Hate: Why I boycott autism speaks flashblog

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