Why I #BoycottAutismSpeaks By Wes Huntington

Why I Boycott Autism Speaks

By Wes Huntington

Hello, my name is Wes Huntington and I have autism.  Whenever I hear the word “autism” in the media, it has my full attention.  It has it because I am curious to know what they say about it now.  I hope that it would be something different, something right about autism that maybe they’re picking up on.  I know that’s a pipe dream, because the media is influenced by Autism Speaks.

I used to think Autism Speaks was the best organization in the world, trying to find a way for “normal” people to cope and communicate with people with autism.  I watched a movie in April of 2015 that changed my perception on that.  It was a documentary by the name of Citizen Autistic, and what I learned in that film changed the way I think about this organization.  Autism Speaks isn’t about helping “normal” people cope and communicate with autistic people.  It is all about shunning us or locking us autistic people away from society, and what really pisses me off about Autism Speaks isn’t the shunning or locking us away part.  It is the eugenics part that makes me really angry.

Autism Speaks, I believe uses 40% of their fiscal year budgets on eugenics.  They want to eliminate autism from society.  I have a really big problem with the eugenics because they’re changing unborn children all over the country because they feel like Autism isn’t a disease.  I really wish they’d stop doing that.  It makes me angry, so angry that I want to do something that may cause harm.

That’s besides the fact.  I’m striving to be more than I am.  I was told at age fourteen that I couldn’t earn a post-secondary education or a second language other than English.  I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Creative Writing and Literature from Southwest Minnesota State University in Marshall, Minnesota (90 miles northeast of Sioux Falls, South Dakota).  As I write this, I am currently seeking a second Bachelor’s Degree in Mass Communications with a minor in Political Science at Minnesota State University, Mankato (80 miles southwest of Minneapolis).  My ultimate career goal is to combine both degrees and create, produce and host a weekly radio show that is on every weekday.  A far cry from what we autistic people are destined to do according to Autism Speaks, a job with math or science involved.

That’s why I boycott Autism Speaks.  I boycott it not because of the eugenics they are currently employing on unborn fetuses all over; it is because I am striving to be more than I am.


Wes Huntington

Image is framed in green and in the lower left corner is green/blue diagonal box with blue "unequal" sign and green text that reads Boycott Autism Speaks
Image is framed in green and in the lower left corner is green/blue diagonal box with blue “unequal” sign and green text that reads Boycott Autism Speaks

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