Why I will ALWAYS #BoycottAutismSpeaks

Written by Alanna

Originally posted HERE

I have been asked how I would react if Autism $peaks appointed one or more Autistic people to their board of directors, if they stopped spending so much on their own salaries and spent more on actual supports and services for #actuallyautistic people. Would I accept a formal statement or apology for the hate speech and scare tactics and false information that they have spread for so many years? No.

Is there any possible way for this discriminatory organization to redeem itself? No.

…Not unless you count it being completely dismantled, having all of it’s financial assets donated to other organizations and official public statements from each and every board member vowing to never participate in campaigns, advertisements, petitions or any such discussion even remotely related to autism, autistic people or neurodiversity. Ha – like that’s ever gonna happen.

And if – miracle of miracles – something like that DID happen. Do you think A$ is the only one that uses fearmongering to raise money or that vilifies autism for profit? Do you think shutting them down for good will do anything for the children who were murdered by their parents or caregivers because of hate groups like these? No. It won’t. But it would be a really good start.

Sometimes I think about collecting puzzle piece memorabilia the way Daryl Davis collects robes, but I don’t think I have either the patience or the spoons to manage that. The thought always brings me comfort though, because I know that no matter how big and imposing the hate group, individuals can still be educated, enlightened and truly forgiven.

And that’s the goal. Whether I’m boycotting A$ online as part of a flashblog or standing there in person with a protest sign at one of their walks, I am making people question their choices. I am offering a better alternative to hate – and so are all my fellow boycotters. So thank you all for being a beacon of hope amongst the shade cast by Autism Speaks.

I will always #BoycottAutismSpeaks


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