Autistic and a message of love #BoycottAutismSpeaks

By Matthew Pountney.

Hi everyone. I don’t often make videos but this is an issue that is very close to my heart on so many levels. This is a message to the Autism and Neurodivergant community, to its fellow comrades to its supporters and even to it critics. I want to start off by giving a huge thank you! You have all touched the bottom of my heart and soul. You have all given me so much inspiration to want to advocate for myself and for my loved ones. After becoming an advocate last year they have been so many people to have guided me on this journey to become not only to help myself but to help others. They are a few autistic’s who I want to give a special shoot out and heads up to who have helped me on this journey

Adam- you and I have come together to create something very special. Despite our differences, in philisical and political belives we shared our similarities and have made our little group. Light it up Rainbow. It’s a small group but it’s our group. Our sign that we can fight the cure culture and spread the message of love and hope and neurodiversity. I thank you for this.
Emma- You are a fearious campaigner against the use of MMS and other harmful treatments given to autistic’s and have invited me to your wonderful group where everyone is accepted and anyone can give and offer advice. I think it’s amazing that you yourself being a busy parent and campaigner and still have the time to offer me and many others a whole rang of advice on so many topics. In around a months time of knowing you, you have felt like an auntie to me. And I really hope that one day I can come along to one of the groups meet ups.
Amythests- You don’t know me at all, and you’ll most likely never see this but I have watched your “Ask an autistic” series on Youtube and read some of your blogs and I just want to say how refreshing it is to hear a young intelligent woman speak so openly, so calming and passionate about autistics. In the darkest of times for me listening to you is like listening to a best friend. You have been a lifeline. True be told you have been the catalyst- if that’s the right word. You started that off for me heading down this wonderful rode of advocacy. I owe a lot to you.
Kay- My good Asipe friend, Kay. Ever since we were children we have been so close like brother and sister and that bond to this day is still there. Just for accepting me and being so awesome. You make me as a person. Make me feel wanted. You are brilliant and never ever change.
Laura- What can I say? You are my rock. My soul mate and my lover. I can be the most difficult person in the world at the best of times and I don’t say this often enough but I love you. I love you so so much. I love your imagination. Your skills as a writer, Your interest in history, the fact that your better at gaming than I am. You mean so much to me!

So Autism speaks, as you can see. I could have spoken about how much I hate you as an orginisation. But I wanted to show that autistics like myself are callable of love, compassion and humanity. I’m afraid I can’t say the same things about you. You use fear and ignorance to make our lives harder. This is why I boycott!

Crusading against Hate: Why I boycott autism speaks flashblog
Crusading against Hate: Why I boycott autism speaks flashblog on a bright yellow background

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